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WebPod Studio - Record and Broadcast Yourself

WebPod Studio is the World's Leading Podcast Software that produces both audio and video podcasts.

This software was designed to help both novice and experienced pc users create, gather content, and produce quality audio and video podcasts for the internet. It’s podcasting made easy and without the need to employ outside sources.

Lionhardt Technologies has integrated world class features into WebPod Studio Podcast Software so the user can produce outstanding quality podcasts. Various output options are available for transcripts and other materials to be produced for podcasts and to establish connectivity to the world of Rich Site Summary (RSS) and Blogging.

The integrated Studio Director assists the novice user in selecting the correct feature for what the user wishes to accomplish in that session, while ensuring that the appropriate wizard will be presented on start-up.

What is PodCasting?

WebPod Studio - Awards

WebPod Studio has been featured in the following shows and magazines:

  • Computer Active September 2006 (UK magazine)
  • About.com July 2006 (reviewed by John C. Havens)
  • Computer Home Magazine May 2006 (Italian magazine)
  • .Net Magazine, April 2006
  • .Net Magazine, November 2005
  • Total Computer Magazine, November 2005 (Italian magazine)
  • ShoeString Radio and Podcast, June 2005
  • Scott Fletcher's adventure in Podcasts (podcheck review), June 2005
  • E-Learning Centre Tool of the month, June 2005
  • The PodCast Radio show with Dr. Tony Marino

WebPod Studio - Features

  • Interface is localization enabled.
         Supports English (US), English (UK), German, Spanish, French, and Dutch.
  • Recording of "traditional" audio PodCast.
  • Recording of audio/video.
  • Itunes RSS support.
  • PowerPoint Import Wizard.
  • Audio Tuner wizard.
  • Podcast Teleprompter.
  • Auto injection into your RSS feed
  • Auto detection of video and audio devices.
  • Easy to work with and easy to configure!
  • Drag and drop support in the composer wizard.
  • Optimized output for every occasion
  • Preview option before compiling the stream.
  • Retro-style VU-Meter
  • Feed & Podcast Publisher.
  • Interoperability with Skype.
  • RSS Management wizard.
  • Screen Capture wizard
  • Studio Director wizard.
  • Auto pinging to major blog news services.
  • Live Audio broadcast module.
  • Generates ASX files
  • Burning media to cdrom/DVD
  • Live Video broadcast module.
  • Macro Support

WebPod Studio - Screen Shots

Webpod Studio -  Audio analyzer         Webpod Studio -  Audio recorder
Webpod Studio -  Configuration wizard         Webpod Studio -  Import wizard
Webpod Studio - Live cast wizard         Webpod Studio - Main screen

Purchase WebPod Studio

All prices are in Canadian dollars unless stated otherwise. Educational discounts are available, please contact us. for information.

Lionhardt Technologies respects your time and privacy. We have a no-hassle policy. No long questionnaires to fill out and no sales person will contact you. Our prices are clearly indicated so there is no need to contact us unless you require customization and would like a personalized quote.

You can purchase WebPod Studio for $49.95 online at http://paymentportal.lionhardt.ca/

WebPod Studio - Requirements

  • Windows XP or higher
  • Minimal Dual Core processor
  • DirectX 8.x or higher installed
  • Video & audio device
  • Windows XP or higher
  • 10MB installation space free
  • 500MB or more free space

What is PodCasting?

"Podcasting" is a web-based broadcast medium in which media files are made available online thus allowing software to automatically detect and download new files (generally via RSS).

A PodCast is comparable to an audio magazine subscription in that the subscriber receives regular programs that he/she can listen to or view at his/her own leisure.  It can also be considered as the internet equivalent of timeshift-capable digital video recorders (DVRs) such as TiVo, which allows users to automatically record and store television programs for later viewing.  Podcasting most often involves audio files in MP3 format but different formats and other types of files, such as video, can also be PodCasted.

WebPod Studio is capable of handling both audio and video recording, eliminating the need to use separate programs to create PodCasts.  It also has the ability to create and publish PodCasts to designated servers, and create and maintain RSS feeds.

The word "PodCasting" is a merger of the words iPod and broadcasting.  The name "PodCast" is no longer specifically related to the iPod but to any software and hardware combination that permits the downloading and playing of files on any device that is capable of playing modern audio and/or video formats.

This technology enables anyone tostart-up their own (internet based) radio or television show, without requiring expensive hardware.  It is now easy to create a show without the exorbitant  costs paid to broadcast companies to air the program and where, more often then not, you end up paying for airtime slots which have very few listeners.  PodCasts are subscription based,  which means that listeners/viewers can select what they want to hear or view.  This system has already proven successful as there are countless popular internet programs that draw in listeners by the tens of thousands plus.

Established standard radio shows are also reaching out with PodCasts of their own.  For example; Coast to Coast AM, a hugely popular late-night talk-show program runs PodCasts as a pre-paid subscription service. Another popular talk-show, Rush Limbaugh, also has a pre-paid subscription service.  The BBC and CBC PodCast some of their popular radio programs as well.